Friday, June 27, 2014

The Living Image of the Lord” is the translated meaning of…

The Living Image of the Lord” is the translated meaning of King Tut’s birth name. King Tut was called the spiritual Son of God and the Messiah/Christ meaning the “anointed one”, who is “the King. History has no evidence of the New Testament story of the birth, life, and death of Jesus and there is an expanse of evidence that Jesus lived many centuries earlier. Tut-Ank-Amen: The Living Image of the Lord reveals history’s greatest conspiracy and cover-up to recreate the character of Jesus, living in another place and another time. Powerful evidence derived from archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Talmud, and the Bible are thought-provoking and call for a reexamination of basic assumptions as the historical person, his teachings, his life and death and resurrection are examined from a unique perspective to reveal the relationships between Jesus of Nazareth and King Tut of Egypt. — Midwest Book Review

This book helps those at a crossroads in their spiritual quest to take another look at their Christian faith. — Rachel Naba, Editor, The Chicago Firefly, July, 2001 by dubb__p_

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