Monday, June 23, 2014

ODWIRA – Benada (tuesday) at 9pm EST: Actual Origins of…

ODWIRA – Benada (tuesday) at 9pm EST:

Actual Origins of ‘African’, ‘God’, ‘Nigga’, ‘Moor’, ‘Black’, ‘Hebrew’

There is a lot of discussion about the division of the Afurakanu.:.Afuraitkaitnut Abusua(Family)!

Finally one of our very own will address the base truth about a very big challenge facing our unity as a people!

One of the biggest challenges to our unitifcation has been the forcing of divisional ideas and titles which have only served to divide and conquer and destroy any and all efforts to date to truly unitify and live our Nkrabea!

If you are truly seeking to achieve Sankofa ne Abibifahodie, I know you won’t miss it!

I am Saa Shepsu Yaw Manu Khi Ari Ra Ntoru Ur and I approve this message!

Let’s hear from our Odwirafo himself!

There is a great deal of misinformation being circulated regarding the terms ‘god’, ‘nigger’, ‘moor’, ‘black’ and ‘Africa’. Those amongst our people who have embraced and promulgated this misinformation out of ignorance include those who are considered researchers, Ph.Ds, elders, scholars, linguists, traditional priests/esses, spiritualists, metaphysicians, master-teachers, journalists, etc.

Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans~Black People) are not moors, niggas/nagas, hebrews, israelites, asiatic, gods, extraterrestrials, atlanteans or any other related foolish designations. We have published a series of articles and books which thoroughly demonstrate the actual origins of the terms ‘god’, ‘nigger’, ‘moor’, ‘black’ and ‘Africa’ so that our people can have and promulgate accurate information and restore a sound knowledge of our identity to our community. We will examine these publications:

Note on the Term Ngg Wr or Ngng Wr in Kamit – Ngg Ur is not ‘nigger’ – Part 1

Origin of the term ‘God’ – Note on the term Ngg Wr or Ngng Wr in Kamit: Ngg Ur is Not ‘nigga’ – Part 2

NEHESU-NEGUS-NKOSO – Negus is Not ‘nigga’



AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT – The Origin of the term ‘Africa’

KUKUU-TUNTUM – The Ancestral Jurisdiction

Download these free publications from our website:

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Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan

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