Monday, June 23, 2014

#BwitiSpiritualSystem Tabernanthe #ibogaplant of west central…

#BwitiSpiritualSystem Tabernanthe #ibogaplant of west central africa

Bwiti is a West Central African spiritual practiced by the forest-dwelling Babongo and Mitsogo people of Gabon (where it is one of the three official indigenous systems) and the Fang people of Gabon and Cameroon. Bwiti use the hallucinogenic rootbark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant, specially cultivated for the religion, to induce a spiritual enlightenment, stabilize community and family structure, meet religious requirements and to solve problems of a spiritual and/or medical nature. The root bark has been used for hundreds of years as part of a Bwiti coming of age ceremony and other initiation rites and acts of healing, producing complex visions and insights anticipated to be valuable to the initiate and the chapel. The root bark or its extract are taken in doses. by haki_k_shakur

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