Sunday, January 26, 2014

Van Sertima presented an article, The Lost Sciences of Africa:…

Van Sertima presented an article, The Lost Sciences of Africa: An Overview. He showed early African advances in engineering, agriculture, navigation, medicine, writing, metallurgy, astronomy, mathematics, and architecture. He showed that higher learning was the preserve of elites rendering them vulnerable to destruction.

He had intellectual battles with conservative scholars who criticized and challenged his Afro-pre-Columbus teachings. Van Sertima even appeared before a United States Congressional committee to challenge crediting Christopher Columbus with the “discovery” of America. His critics contend that by asserting African origins for prehistoric Olmec culture in present-day Mexico, Van Sertima ignored the work of Central American scholars. Moreover, his critics claimed no evidence emerged of prehistoric African influence in controlled archeological excavations and they contended that while Olmec stone heads superficially appear to be African they were not similar to Nubian populations Van Sertima claimed as originators. by haki_k_shakur

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