Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Native Reds knowing about Afrikans in the Americas before…

On Native Reds knowing about Afrikans in the Americas before them from the lost feather the revelation of the african native.. ” Many red Native Americans that I have spoken with are well aware of the information that I have just presented to you, some are not aware. Tribes like Hopi, Aztec, Apache, Pueblo, Seminole, Creek, Tuscarora, Susquehanna, have documents in their possession that tells of the stories of the black Gods who gave birth to them. In fact, the Hopi book of the stars that was given to them by the Dogons tells that when the forefathers (Africans) reclaim their throne, the black and red tribes will join together and destroy the white man. There is a similar parable in most Native American cultures that speaks of the white eagle who captured the red eagle until the black eagle freed the red eagle. The white eagle retreated in the caves from which it came. Look this story up, it’s an actual story in Native American culture. It is just as important for red Native Americans to understand true history as it is for blacks in America by haki_k_shakur

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