Friday, May 30, 2014

LETS MAKE THIS SIMPLE: One owner said what was on his mind and…


One owner said what was on his mind and got exposed internationally, so the NBA was forced to take action to save face, which ultimately secured the stability of the institution that is controlled by Europeans that capitalize on African labor(talent). A single person must not be allowed destroy what benefits the majority (European-Supremacy Rule Vol. 1), therefore when necessary a finger must be cut to save the arm. So now everyone is applauding and smiling at the decision of of Adam Silver to ban Donald Sterling for life but guess what else he’s doing? Setting the stage for the transaction of a life time for the 80 year-old Clippers owner. Why should one of their own be forced to leave without a retirement gift? The Clippers were worth less than 700K but Steve Ballmer pays an incredible 2 BILLION for the team? Sounds like the Commissioners job is to ensure power is contained and safely transferred between his friends…. WE NEED TO BECOME FOCUSED ON OWNING AND CONTROLLING INSTITUTIONS INSTEAD OF JUST BEING ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THEM AT SOME LEVEL. by harlemsintellectual

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