Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When black folk seek economic independence . By wanting to form…

When black folk seek economic independence . By wanting to form black own sports leagues that could lead to black social equality #europeans cry #racism . They claim segregation is wrong . Let’s see what they say when their children and tax dollars have to mix with blacks are we all for one and one for all then πŸ˜’… Let’s take a look shall we . Like many middle-class parents in East Baton Rouge Parish, La., Carla Miller sends her two children to a private high school. She’d like them to go to the public schools in Baton Rouge, but she won’t send them because of the violence, low attendance, and less-rigorous classes. Spots in the well-regarded magnet programs are hard to get. Miller says that wouldn’t be the case if the property taxes she pays stayed in her neighborhood instead of helping to subsidize underperforming schools in other areas. “We are tired of basically being a cash cow for the rest of the parish,” she said in an e-mail.Miller is one of thousands of residents from the mostly white, southern part of the parish who support Local Schools for Local Children, a group that wants to pull out of the 42,000-student school district they share with mostly black neighborhoods nearby, where many families live in poverty. The group’s members are gathering signatures for a ballot measure that will decide whether to create a city, called St. George, which they say is the first step toward forming their own schools funded with property taxes from their homes. “If the school system had improved over the last 20 years, with the never-ending bond issues we have been paying, instead of further deteriorating, this would never have been an issue,” Miller said….. I wonder if white folks wanting to create a whole dam town out of thin air is #racist hmmmmm?!? 😳 by 17thsoulja http://ift.tt/1ixEubq

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