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Jesus/Yeshua ben Pandira The entire story of…

Jesus/Yeshua ben Pandira

The entire story of “jesus” is a deliberate perversion of the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru (Osiris, Isis, and Horus)

Let me begin with the proper etymology of the name jesus/hesus/yeshua. Many of us know the letter ‘j’ entered the english alphabet in the 1600s. The latin and so-called hebrew way of pronouncing the name is what’s relevant here, to wit “hesus/yeshua”. Of course, those who speak spanish say “hesus”. The greeks and later romans took one of the forms of the God Heru from ancient Kamit and corrupted His name into ‘hesus’. The form of the hawk-headed Deity Heru that they corrupted was that of “Khensu”. “Khensu” is often written “Khons” or “Khonsu”. This is as misleading as writing the name of God, ‘Amen’ as ‘Ammon’ or ‘Amon’. This was done by the white egyptologists and others in order to conceal the fact that ‘Amen/Amin’ in

christianity/hebrewism/islam comes from the God Amen (Amen Ra). The same goes for writing “Khensu” as “Khonsu”. The ‘kh’ metut/hieroglyphic symbol in the name is often

interchangeable in the language of Kamit with the metut/symbol

for ‘sh’. In the Twi (Akan) language we have the same sound and it is written “hy”. In both languages (Kamit & AKan), the meaning is the same. The ‘kh’ in Khensu, is pronounced similarly. ‘Khensu’ thus becomes ‘Shensu’, ‘Tchensu’, ‘Jensu’, ‘Yeshu’, ‘Hesu-s’ in greek. The ‘n’ in the name is nasal, as it is in Twi. by thr33_stackzzz

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